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How did we get here?

In a super simple answer: God willed it. 

For a longer answer, read on.

The struggle

After years of executive leadership coaching and business performance consulting, the founder was frustrated. "I've done it few times to form and foster high performing team of teams with happy workers, happy customers and happy balance sheets, but they almost always hit the ceiling by the leaders' limits, or even destroyed by a change of leadership!"

He has also been struggling to infuse the faith with vocational calling, which is a common challenge among people of faith

And the world is struggling too, e.g. the COVID and the war impacted everyone, and particularly hard hit those already vulnerable. 

The inspiration

But he was equally inspired, that "I know how this works, if a company is built from ground up  with the values, ethos and practices that I've been coaching people on, sky is the limit!" 

We, the blessed, have the obligation to pass on the blessing.


The invisible hand

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