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School Holiday Program

By popular demand, our highly rated school holiday program is back!!!

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Day plans

These plans are indicative. Based on our past experience, these activities and arrangements are best suited for programs of this type, but due to the highly dynamic nature, supervisors will make appropriate decisions on a day-to-day basis to best adapt and suit for individuals on the day.

Week 1

Day 1-3 (15th - 17th April):

Orientation and Play-Based Familiarisation

Allow everyone to get to know each other

  1. Indoor activity: Sing songs, play games, read books, balloons, gym ball, play doh, observe responses from participants.

  2. Relaxation: lazy 8 breathing exercise; music time; reading; puzzles.

  3. Sensory play, such as sand play, bubble play, water play might be introduced if confident participants can follow instruction to end a task with prompts. 

  4. Other options for the first 3 days activities: West Ryde Aquatic Centre for Swimming; Water play in nearby parks (Bicentennial Park); Bubble play and basketball play in John Wearn Reserve.

Get familiar with the environment

  1. Feel free explore the office and different toys. Give each participant a choice of two games/toys each time. 

  2. If feeling confident, carers may take participants to the shopping centre across the road for a short walk, remain observant to response from participants.

Week 1

Day 4 (18th April):

Trampoline Fun

Location: Flip out / Bounce

Activities: Sensory, Gross motor

Cost: approximately $50 for 2 hours

Week 1

Day 5 (19th April):

City day trip

Location: Museum + Darling Harbour

Activities: Museum, water play

Cost: train ticket

Week 1

Day 6 (20th April):

Ferry Meadow bank to Cabarita

Location: Meadow bank to Cabarita

Activities: Education for Ferry ride for independence training, Beach fun / play ground / picnic

Cost: Ferry ticket

Week 2

Day 1 (22nd April):

Koala park tour

Location: Koala Park Pennant Hills

Activities: Educational programs on animals & hygiene

Cost: Park entry fee, $12 pp (special rate)

Week 2

Day 2 (23rd April):

Lane Cove National park

Location: Lane Cove National Park

Activities: Hiking + Picnic + Kayak

Cost: $10 pp

Week 2

Day 3 (24th April):

Olympic Park

Location: Bicentennial Park (Olympic park)

Activity: water play + playground  + social skills building

Cost: free

Week 2

Day 4 (25th April):

Cockatoo Island

Week 2

Day 5 (26th April):

Burwood Sports Fun Day

Location: Cockatoo Island

Activity: Day tour and educational program

Cost: Ferry ticket

Location: Burwood park / Burwood public school basketball court

Activity: Burwood park playground + table tennis, picnic, basketball

Cost: free

Week 2

Day 6 (27th April):

Wrap up

Location: Eastwood

Activity: Review, pictures and videos for the whole program, Indoor artwork, e.g. highlight of the program, Eastwood Park - games

Cost: free


A quick snippet of last school holiday program

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