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Therapeutic Massage Therapist

Ben has been a legendary healer in the community he serves.

About 40 years ago in China, Ben was one of the 7 medical students chosen from his hometown of over 1 million population, and he had never held back from exploring and seeking excellence in treating and healing people. His journey saw him thrive through army days, to public healthcare system in China as a respected surgeon for liver, gall bladder, gastroenterology and urology. His expertise was sought after by various private sector engagements and performed up to 500 operations each year. Finally due to family commitment we are fortunate to have him in Sydney, Australia.

Arriving in Australia, he could no longer hold a scalpel due to the language barrier, but that didn't stop his passion for healing.

He went for more viable solutions and ended with therapeutical massage therapy as his formal qualification in Australia, but his treatment is way more than just that, because he infused his deep expertise in western surgery with wisdom of oriental practice including traditional medicine, traditional Chinese massage (TuiNa), & acupuncture.

Over time, he had developed his unique style of treatment and proven to be very effective for a wide range of illness, which brought benefits to more than 2,000 patients in Australia, including some near miracle healings and even high profile patients such as a formal Australia federal government minister of a major government bureau who remains an active patient of his.

Ben also has a very kind and friendly manner, this makes him particularly well suited for this job for all ages including very young children. We're very fortunate to having someone like Ben to serve the community with his wonderful skills, and there's certainly no shortage of testimonies nearly anywhere he goes.

To know more or book a session with Ben, please contact the office details.

02 8323 7128

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